Experience the Omnichannel Capabilities of Innoveo Skye®

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June 21, 2021

Barbara Péterfi

At Innoveo, we strive to help insurers to build and market innovative insurance solutions, let it be for Property & Casualty, Life & Health, or any type of Specialty insurance. With Innoveo Skye®, you can have all your business lines, agents, brokers, and customers in one single platform, as well as configure B2C, B2B, B2B2, and B2E channels and define which functionality is available to each one of them.



In this video, we will present you the omnichannel capabilities Innoveo Skye® via an example application that is hosted on a public channel and thus requires no user authentication, such as a public website. This is ideal when end customers are trying to get a quote for themselves, but we will also show you what happens when you would like to replicate the same functionality for a call center agent.

We can easily do this in our Business Canvas by looking for the attributes that we had in the public channel and edit their visibility to make them appear in the private channel. If for any reason, you would like to have some of the inputs show in one channel, but not in the other one, that is also possible. As shown in the video, it only takes a few clicks in Business Canvas to set the visibility according to which channel you would like to display it on, let it be with or without authentication.

Are you curious about how this works in real-life projects? Read our use case on how a Tier 1 Insurer added new distribution channels such as bancassurance and extended to new insurance product lines with the help of Innoveo Skye®’s omnichannel capabilities.

Alternatively, if you want to know more about our platform, explore our videos about the first configuration steps in our Business Canvas or how to configure pricing algorithms without writing a single line of code.

Barbara Péterfi, Content Marketing Manager at Innoveo

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