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Launching a new product to your broker portal in just 5 weeks?

Launching a new insurance product to a broker portal at record speed with Innoveo Skye®

One of Innoveo’s clients, a Tier 1 Insurance Carrier, has recently launched a brand new product that covers customers for death or injuries during sports or other free-time activities, but also for theft while shopping at the mall or during their commute to work.

The new product, along with the corresponding application, were put together and integrated into their existing Innoveo Skye® Broker Portal in merely 5 weeks by one of our Business Analysts, together with an expert from the client’s side.

As our Business Analyst explains, “working with a long-time client is always great, because we already know what their processes and preferences are like, and it is just easier to collaborate when you have history. This project was able to come to life in 5 weeks because the client was dedicated to making quick decisions and approvals as soon as we delivered.”

launching new insurance products at record speed no code

Advanced tools and integration capabilities

Due to the nature of this product, a simple and quick journey was a must-have, and Innoveo managed to create one that could be completed in no more than 5 steps. This included an integrated ID validation feature using a web service that helps to prevent fraud. Moreover, pricing is executed through Innoveo Skye®’s Excel integration, making all adjustments to the model seamless and imminent. The product is easily accessible as brokers of our client can fully quote and bind it to their customers, who will receive their policies immediately via email as a PDF.

Integrating the new product into an existing broker portal at record speed was a key element of this configuration. On top of that, our client also requested to set up the application in two different languages, which we successfully executed by capitalizing on Innoveo Skye®’s multi-language capability.

Overall, these were all achieved with every aspect finalized and delivered within the agreed time frame, enabling the product ready to be launched on the initially agreed go-live date.

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