Onboarding at Innoveo – Finding a New Job During COVID-19

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November 3, 2020

Barbara Péterfi

The global pandemic has set the careers of many on a new path. Some of us lost our jobs, some were forced to come up with a plan B or settle for months of home-office. But what about those who found a new position in the middle of the pandemic? How can they become part of a team without being able to set foot in the office? Sneak peek at how our new employees experienced their digital onboarding at Innoveo.  


How did you first hear about a job opportunity at Innoveo? What sparked your interest?


Being a former economist and having years of experience in the insurance industry, Andrea Bonnyai got to know Innoveo via her friends from a coding boot camp. “I completed a Budapest-based coding boot camp, called Green Fox Academy, to start a new chapter in my career. My goal was to complement my business knowledge with software development and IT expertise. As some of my former classmates were already working at Innoveo, they recommended me for a newly opened Business Analyst position.” Both Edvin Somogyi and Yoann Seynave found out about Innoveo via their LinkedIn job search. “I wanted to join a company that builds its own product. It was also important for me that they have an international outreach, preferably with a slightly smaller team and a flat hierarchy”, says Edvin. As for Yoann, he was specifically looking for an Insurtech company. “I decided to shift to something more tech-oriented, as I was working for a traditional insurance company before”, he adds. Peter Orban heard about the Product Marketing Manager opportunity from a recruiter. “I inquired, and then came the pleasant surprise when she said the company’s name: Innoveo. I was like, hold on, I know that company name from somewhere! I looked it up immediately and saw that one of my former colleagues is working there. On top of the position being an attractively challenging one, the fact that she was on board as well, was a good enough recommendation for me.”


How was your digital onboarding experience? What did you do in your first 2-3 weeks?



Digital Onboarding at Innoveo


Edvin: “Being new employees in the Budapest office, our first days were dedicated to admin tasks and setting up the necessary digital infrastructure to work from home. Then we continued with a 2-weeks product training, where we were introduced to the company’s flagship platform, Innoveo Skye, and got hands-on experience about its capabilities.”

Andrea: “I think there are very few companies who dedicate time for bringing employees up to speed and provide them an interactive training like this, which I really appreciated. Due to the current circumstances, it was online training instead of a classroom environment, but we tried to keep it personal with our cameras turned on for most of the time.”

Peter: “I’ve never been a fan of being away from the office for too long, but the pandemic changes your habits and preferences. As a start, I attended a week-long online product training, which was intense, but also very enjoyable and we had tons of fun doing it, even if we were in different parts of the globe – Hungary and India.”

Yoann: “Besides the training, we kicked off the first weeks with a buddy program. This meant that every other day, my buddy organized digital coffee breaks for me where I could virtually meet with small parts of the Team and have a casual discussion with them. This has been a huge help for me to socialize and feel integrated into the Team, without being able to meet my colleagues in the physical space.”


After the onboarding period, what are your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities? Which team are you being part of?


Edvin: “After the training, new hires usually start with a business case that they can work on as a trial project. In our case with Andrea, we were immediately put on a live project, preparing a POC for a client. At the moment, I’m working on an exciting project from Puerto Rico, doing planning, configuration, reviews, and testing, so I can learn as much as possible from my peers.”

Andrea: “After the first few weeks, I was assigned to a project for an American client from the insurance industry. It is a highly complex configuration, requiring a strong collaboration within our Team, which I enjoy. Despite working from home, I feel that I am surrounded by supportive colleagues and have the sense that we are working towards the same goal.”

Yoann: “Currently, I am part of the Delivery Team and I am fascinated by the possibilities here. Back at my previous job, I was leading a team of developers and analysts, and yet what I can configure in 2 weeks now at Innoveo, it would have taken me and my previous team at least one and the half years to deliver.”

Peter: “I am in the Marketing Team, which is a smaller one, compared to our Delivery Team for instance, but thanks to its size, our collaboration is super close. As a Product Marketing Manager, I am making sure that Innoveo Skye’s offering and capabilities are presented in an easy-to-comprehend and engaging way. This includes creating demo videos, interviews, and website content, such as our upcoming FAQ page.”


Did you have prior knowledge about the no-code industry before you joined Innoveo?


 Peter: “To be honest, I think it was the first time I have ever heard about no-code or citizen developers being a thing. My knowledge was close to zero, but it makes sense now why it is such an important and promising industry.” Out of the 4 new hires, only Edvin had previous experience with no-code development. This demonstrates the untapped potential of no-code and how all of us can learn to configure applications without having to write a single line of code, regardless of our professional background. Finally, if we add the fact that 86% of IT decision-makers say that the biggest challenge to digitally transform their business is too few software developers, you’ll see why no-code could be the solution not only for job seekers looking for a new career path but also for companies who want to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Interested in joining us? We recommend that you keep an eye on current and future openings on our Careers page.

Barbara Péterfi, Content Marketing Manager at Innoveo

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