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INNOVEO and HazardHub Announce Strategic Partnership

Delivering HazardHub’s Robust Property Risk Data Powered By the Innoveo Skye No-Code Platform

Innoveo, THE no-code technology provider that started the no code revolution since 2007, and HazardHub, the USA’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data, a 2020 Gartner Cool Company, announces their strategic partnership to integrate Innoveo’s Skye no-code platform with HazardHub’s comprehensive property risk data platform.

This strategic partnership brings Innoveo’s powerful no-code technology to insurers with fully integrated property risk data that encompasses 33 proprietary data sets;  enabling comprehensive views across five main hazard categories – earth, wind, fire, water, and man-made – that are further embedded with multiple exclusive subcategories, including the National Fire Station database and 11 million fire hydrant locations.

“This exciting partnership enables Innoveo to empower our clients with a data-rich risk assessment platform powered by Innoveo’s no code solution, that continuously updates in real-time, ensuring accuracy 24-7. HazardHub’s property risk data gives insurers, and in particular underwriters, keen insights into the properties they are underwriting, resulting in better risk management, more accurate premium calculations which ultimately lowers their cost and improves their bottom line.” Manisha Bhargava, Global Head of Sales.

“HazardHub has proved conclusively that our property risk data is indictive of claims. Our variables can predict 91% of hurricane claims and 95% of wildfire claims.  Recent additions to better understanding risk include our Enhanced HazardHub Flood and new Catastrophic Flood models.  HazardHub’s risk data, combined with the sheer power, logic and calculation capabilities of Innoveo’s no code Skye platform will provide property insurers with a formidable tool for risk management,” John Siegman, CCA and Founder, HazardHub.



A global technology company,  Innoveo empowers customers to focus on innovation and market growth to accelerate business value while providing the latest technology with the no-code platform Innoveo Skye®, in just weeks, not years.  Innoveo is a trusted provider to many of the world’s largest insurance companies across 5 continents, with its Innoveo Skye® platform.  Innoveo’s main offices are in New York.  Zurich, London, Hong Kong, Budapest, and Valencia. For more information:  innoveo.com.marketing@innoveo.com.


HazardHub is your insurance policy against property risk. Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Man-Made. HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases spanning the most dangerous perils in the United States. HazardHub translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy to understand answers, providing easy to comprehend risk scorecards that are used to make real-world decisions.  Our team of scientists provides comprehensive, and innovative, national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property. With more than 20,000,000 results returned to the market, HazardHub is fast-becoming the industry’s go-to vendor for property and risk data. For more information: www.hazardhub.com.  support@hazardhub.com