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Announcing Innoveo Skye® 9.0

Innoveo’s Latest Platform Release Significantly Enhances Functionality and Ease of Use to Accelerate Digital Business Outcomes for Enterprises

Innoveo Skye® 9.0 adds new features and strengthens existing functionality that empowers business technologists to rapidly build and launch custom-made applications with enterprise-grade security, performance, and scale.


Las Vegas, NJ – September 22, 2022Innoveo, a global technology firm and a pioneer in enterprise no-code announced today the release of Innoveo Skye® 9.0 improving the no-code platform’s scalability, enhancing its performance and security, and delivering a more seamless user experience. Innoveo Skye® 9.0 was unveiled today at the InsureTech Connect 2022 conference in Las Vegas, NV.

The no-code platform enables enterprise users to modernize legacy systems, automate manual processes, and expedite the building and deploying of new applications in days – not months. Innoveo’s integrated development environment (IDE) with built-in features like APIs, code templates, reusable plug-in modules and accelerators automates a significant percentage of the application development process and enables achievement of 5-10x in productivity improvements while needing 75% fewer resources.


Updates to the platform with the release of Innoveo Skye® 9.0:

Agility and Flexibility to Develop Enterprise Scale Applications and Enhance End-User Experience  

-UI Development tools: The new upgrade improves the end-user experience, configuration, and customization for both business and IT users, enabling easy brand customization to tailor the look & feel of your enterprise-grade application. New features added to make it easier to manage branding include the theme configurator tool, HTML sanitizer, HTML Editor and UI debug mode.

-Accessibility: Applications built on the platform can be made even more accessible using the new accessibility toolbar with features including high contrast theme, font size controls, and even sign language text reading.

-Package Selector Widget: A new UI widget has been added to the extensive list of components to easily display a list of options (or packages) in a tabular way, with interactive elements on each option.

-Events Configuration Experience: Configuring events is now much faster and more intuitive with our new configuration experience!  

-OCR Engine Enhancements: Extended configuration of our AI-powered OCR engine to support PDF files, leniency for picture orientation, and more!


Enterprise Grade Security and Performance

-Added Support for OAuth Integration: The platform supports OAuth Access token security access with authorization code flow, extending the security options for integrations with other systems.

-Advanced Virus Protection: To improve the security of your applications, all the files uploaded to an Innoveo Skye® application will be automatically scanned for virus detection before being stored.

-Parallelize Services Invocation to Increase Speed & Control of Execution: To allow more control over the execution flow of your configured integrations, users can now trigger service calls in parallel, reducing the user wait time for integration-heavy transactions.

-Scaling the Performance with Independent Document Storage: Enhancements have been made to the way uploaded or generated documents are handled, using the AWS S3 cloud service to ensure scalability, security, and performance in resource handling.

-Increase Performance with Change in Persistency Layer: We have been working to drastically improve the performance of applications built on our no-code platform and updated our data storage layer to use NoSQL (non-relational) databases. This enables users to both write and read operations at lightning speeds!


Managed Cloud Operations: Offering Self-Service Access and Granular Visibility

-Secure Access to Innoveo Assets through Centralized Identity Provider (IdP): We have launched a central Identity Provider (IdP) that will help manage the authentication and authorization of users accessing various assets in the Innoveo ecosystem.

-Deeper View into Innoveo Managed Cloud Operations: Added more depth to our customer environment monitoring and introduced Innoveo Skye Cloud Operations (ISCO) Services Portal that provides self-service access and visibility into the usage of your Skye application. Further usage and monitoring metrics will continue to be added!


Easy Integration with Existing Business Tools and Frameworks

-SharePoint Connector: The SharePoint connector allows connection and integration to a document library for enterprises Microsoft SharePoint site to manage their files and folders.

-QlikSense Integration: With this latest release, users of the platform can embed BI (business intelligence) metrics from the popular BI tool QlikSense into your enterprise applications!


“Today’s business and technology leaders are facing a new set of challenges; managing the changing economic landscape while helping their teams stay agile, resilient, and productive. We are constantly improving the Innoveo Skye® platform to better support the 30+ enterprises in production with our platform and the business technologists building next-gen capabilities with no-code,” said Vinod Kachroo, CEO at Innoveo. “Now more than ever, the value proposition for no-code shines brightly as enterprise teams seek to build complex applications and automate workflows, all the while feeling pressure to do more, with less. We continue to drive the theme of making ‘Building Applications Cool Again.”


About Innoveo

We believe you can build modern applications that deliver digital experiences and drive business growth without having to write any custom code. That’s why it’s our mission to empower enterprises in complex and regulated industries to re-imagine application development by enabling them to be connected, innovative, quick, and nimble. Backed by leading investors including Everstone Capital and Paulson & Co, Innoveo’s cloud based, AI enabled no-code platform is currently in production globally at over 30 industry leaders across insurance, financial services, healthcare and real estate.  With Innoveo, you’ll get the solutions and industry expertise you want, plus a little extra: a thoughtful, no-nonsense experience delivered with a refreshing dose of honesty. For more information, visit: www.innoveo.com.

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