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Vinod Kachroo

Chief Executive Officer

Vinod Kachroo Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Innoveo, Vinod is focused on guiding product strategy and partnerships, scaling delivery, raising brand awareness, and accelerating market momentum and growth for Innoveo. Vinod has built his reputation in the insurtech industry as a transformational leader, achieving significant results across a range of companies from tech start-ups to Fortune 100 global insurers.

Vinod was the visionary responsible for leading innovation at SE2 and implementing its industry leading digital platform. Throughout his 30+ year career, Kachroo has established himself as an innovation leader in insurance, financial services and healthcare working for companies like Tata Consultancy Services, MetLife, Prudential and AIG.

A sought-after speaker, author and futurist, Vinod is not only able to create a vision for business and innovation, he’s able to take a complex idea all the way through planning and execution. Never satisfied with being a spectator, Vinod is an avid runner. He pushes himself to see how fast and far he can go – rules he applies when he’s revolutionizing enterprise technology.

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Vinod Kachroo Chief Executive Officer