FAQ about how and what you can configure with Innoveo Skye®

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy it is to configure Innoveo Skye®?

Innoveo Skye® enables anyone without any programming knowledge to configure and deploy applications, without coding a single line. With just 5 days of training, you will have enough knowledge and skills to know how to start configuring enterprise level applications.

How long does it take to configure an application?

The time to deliver an application highly depends on the scope of your project – we have delivered applications in a week, and we have delivered applications in 6 months. Where’s the difference?

  1. The number of products, their complexity, and the overall clarity of requirements regarding functionalities
  2. The number of user journeys
  3. The number of integrations required with external systems
  4. The experience level of who is configuring. Our delivery team & partners are experienced users, who ensure an optimal configuration and delivery time

What sort of front-end UI components are available in Innoveo Skye®?

We have all the standard UI components as out-of-the box components and keep on extending it every month with our latest releases.

How can I migrate the data from my current system to Innoveo Skye®?

Our delivery team will work with your solution architects to understand the nature of the data to be migrated. We will create the configuration to accommodate the data and import it via batch event, through the out of-the-box integration mechanisms of Innoveo Skye®.

How does Innoveo Skye® secure data?

Sensitive data may be configured to be persisted with AES encryption. All data in transit is secured via HTTPS. We follow all standard security and governance policies to deploy the application in the cloud.

We are convinced about the platform’s capabilities, but we do not have in-house training resources. Can you help?

Yes, we can! Our delivery team is full of experts ready to work with your project owners and deliver the application you need as per your requirements in no time. You can also work with our partners worldwide and check our Services page to understand all the services we provide.

What are the critical success factors for an optimal delivery time?

  1. Having the requirements ready and in place
  2. Having a product owner responsible for approving every deliverable in a timely manner
  3. Having all APIs and interfaces ready for a smooth integration with Innoveo Skye®

What are the different architectural use cases where Innoveo Skye® can be used?

Innoveo Skye® can be used to build applications where:

  1. The complete end-to-end solution is running on Skye, including front-end, orchestration layer and the data store (back-end)
  2. It can facilitate API integration for orchestrating application capabilities by both consuming and exposing APIs
  3. It can easily wrap and integrate legacy systems and/or other third party services and systems to provide a unified 360º view of customer on Innoveo Skye®’s front-end while the data is finally pushed to the legacy system of record (SOR)

Can I integrate Innoveo Skye® into my SSO solution or an existing application into Innoveo Skye® SSO?

Innoveo Skye® provides its own IDP and user management application, but you can use your own IDP as long as your SSO supports WS-Federation or SAML SSO protocols. You can also integrate an existing application supporting the mentioned protocols into the Innoveo Skye® SSO.

Digital solutions in weeks.
Without writing a single line of code.

Innoveo Skye® is a no-code platform for non-technical users to configure and launch applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development.

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