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Consumer behavior is driving change across sectors. The real estate and property management space is not far behind. Key trends like sharing economies, transforming social structures and growth in cities is raising demand for convenience-centric offerings.

Innoveo is at the forefront of enabling this transformation by building “quick to deploy” journeys around each operation of the traditional value chain or in new PropTech business models.

Innoveo Skye® has the unique ability to rapidly embed rigorous operational processes as well as ease of integration of intuitive technologies (e.g. Virtual Reality, IoT, AI, Blockchain) to deliver new digital experiences transforming the way technology is being leveraged in this sector.


Online estate agency platforms powered by Innoveo Skye® enable easy access and exchange of information for searching, buying, co-sharing or renting properties. Portals or Aggregators can quickly launch their offerings  and API enabled Integrations can be configured to discover the best mortgages as well as embed walkthrough of properties – powered by Virtual Reality assets. Loan origination and mortgage calculation capabilities can be seamlessly embedded in Innoveo portals.


Owners, tenants, property management companies can collaboratively manage properties through self-service portals. With functionalities like access to client vaults (for documents, lease, agreements, invoices), marketplaces for home and household insurance or housing services, the operations can be streamlined leveraging our no-code platform. Collaboration through alerts, notifications or messaging management between tenants, owners and property managers and maintenance staff is seamlessly enabled leveraging the inbuilt features of Innoveo Skye®.


Property end-to-end development lifecycles can be powered by Innoveo Skye®. Be it new contractor onboarding, job site paperwork, legal verification process enablement, or integration with digital construction platforms to manage plans, supplies, surety bonds financing modules for purchase and claim management. The end to end value chain can be built, leveraging a single platform, with the ability to effect changes flexibly, as needs evolve.


Build ecosystems powered by Innoveo Skye®, to rapidly build and connect entities right from construction companies, suppliers, mortgage/loan providers, financiers and buyers enabling new business models and digital marketplaces. Leveraging the ability to expose APIs both to internal systems of enterprises as well as to web services, collaboration can be enabled seamlessly and at an accelerated pace.


Innoveo Skye® is the perfect ally for Smart City orchestration, where several ecosystems can engage through a myriad of integrations to deliver city services. Integrated homes with smart remote locks, municipality services, IoT interconnected devices with metrics for smart buildings and neighboring areas, wireless sensors monitoring optimal energy & water consumption can all be brought to citizens in a convenient end-to-end platform powered by Innoveo Skye®.

Digital solutions in weeks.
Without writing a single line of code.

Innoveo Skye® is a no-code platform for non-technical users to configure and launch applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development.

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