Innoveo Skye® Connect

Simplify and accelerate integrations with any systems or data sources using our API-based architecture

Accelerate connectivity across any system

Delivering powerful enterprise integrations while removing integration complexity and improving speed and efficiencies.

Seamlessly connect
your ecosystem

Innoveo Skye® features a sophisticated integration layer, allowing synchronous or asynchronous integration and consumable APIs.

Expand your capabilities in weeks

Get up and running quickly, reducing your time-to-value. Launch a new product or sell through a new distribution partner in a matter of weeks, not months.

Improve cloud scalability
with reduced costs

Digitize systems and processes quickly to reduce costs. Connect and extend existing systems to scale your digital transformation efforts.

Ensure privacy of payment gateways with built-in governance

A growing catalog of pre-built connectors

Automatically modernize applications without losing your institutional knowledge

Build and share new connectors

See how Innoveo Skye® can address your unique challenges.