Innoveo Skye® Build

Seamlessly create enterprise applications, workflows, and integrations – all in an intuitive no-code environment

Empower your teams

Innoveo Skye® Business Canvas enables your teams to create enterprise-level applications, automate workflows, and integrate with legacy systems and third-party services – all in an intuitive no-code visual environment.

Quickly turn ideas into applications

Configure applications & workflows quickly.

Easily create consumable APIs

Create and consume APIs and enable bidirectional synchronous and asynchronous API integrations.

Boost collaboration to unleash innovation

Empower business and IT collaboration to quickly build applications and workflows using ready-made templates and guardrails.

User management to create and edit authorizations and to keep data private in multi-tenant environments

Single intuitive visual environment to easily build enterprise-grade applications

Personalized styles and themes to quickly match the design to your enterprise styles and standards

Quickly build with or configure your own with 25+ ready-made accelerators

See how Innoveo Skye® can address your unique challenges.