Multilingual Property Management Made Easy with Innoveo Skye®

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August 24, 2021

Barbara Péterfi

Innoveo is proud to launch its first project in commercial real estate: a maintenance, property management, work order, and vendor management system developed for the American International Plaza (AIP) and 270 Plaza in Puerto Rico. Thanks to the powerful integration and calculation capabilities of Innoveo Skye®, our clients can now effortlessly manage multi-story commercial buildings, common area maintenance (CAM), and amenities, in both English and Spanish.


Property management and maintenance with Innoveo Skye®


The  objective of this project was to create a robust, yet easy-to-use application where AIP’s and 270 Plaza’s building management staff and tenants have the following features available:

  • Creating tenant profiles on an internal dashboard to manage their leases, the number and name of the suites leased, their lease term, as well as any corresponding maintenance requests or suggestions.
  • Giving tenants access to their dedicated portals with secure access, where they could submit their requests, upload certificates, and pictures, to manage their lease including compliance and renewals.
  • A central dashboard for management of all incoming, pending, and finished maintenance work orders, with the option to assign tasks and communicate with technicians.
  • Providing a separate dashboard for technicians, supervisors, and other professionals who carry out the requested maintenance work.
  • Vendor management dashboard to track vendors, compliance, vendor ratings, reliability of their work with their certifications.
  • Inventory management to track equipment inventory, with low inventory alerts to trigger the reorder of products.

Overall, the delivered application is a central communication channel between technicians, supervisors, and property management of AIP and 270 Plaza. On top of that, it is also a visually appealing interface that is integrated with other commercial and luxury resort properties to exploit cross-sell, upsell capabilities and push marketing opportunities.


Multilingual Property Management Made Easy with Innoveo Skye®

Multilingual Property Management Made Easy with Innoveo Skye®.


End-to-end digital property management in practice


To illustrate the capabilities of our delivered application, imagine you are one of the tenants of AIP or the 270 Plaza, and suddenly,  your HVAC system (for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) breaks in one of the office suites you are leasing. To get the issue fixed, you can immediately flag it in your dedicated portal, where your request for maintenance is submitted and tracked in the system. As a next step, in the tenant portal, a tenant or staff member can select the issue, e.g. inoperable HVAC, which room it is affecting, and the level of priority for repair.

Once the request is submitted, building management can immediately see it in their portal, where they can assign a technician to repair the equipment. Throughout the process, tenants have the option to see updates continuously and provide feedback once the issue has been repaired or resolved to their satisfaction.


Omnichannel capabilities for commercial real estate


This property management project is a great example of Innoveo Skye®’s omnichannel capabilities, as we provided multiple internal and external portals to different user groups and stakeholders within the commercial real estate ecosystem.

We are proud to have exceeded client expectations and are excited to deliver this unique project and that proves the industry-agnostic usability of Innoveo Skye® for enterprise-level software development. To learn more about the benefits of our no-code platform, you can visit this page, or read about our real estate solutions here.


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