THE INNOVEO Cyber Ecosystem

For insurance carriers and brokers.

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Cyber Risk Platform for SME market

Cyber insurance for the SME market is one of the fastest-growing insurance segments due to the rapid escalation of cyber-attacks.

43% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses with the point of entry frequently being the company’s website. Due to the prolonged pandemic causing the shift to remote work, resulting in an increased digital footprint for SMEs worldwide, the need for cyber insurance will continue to accelerate.

Cybercriminals know most SMEs lack adequate digital security protection due to lack of knowledge and the unwillingness to invest in security measures. Many mistakenly believe they are too small to be the victim of cyber-crime. As businesses become increasingly digital – cyber-attack risks are expected to escalate disproportionately.

Explore THE INNOVEO Cyber Ecosystem

For insurance carriers and brokers.  

Innoveo’s Cyber Ecosystem

is an end-to-end solution specifically designed to provide insurance carriers and brokers the ability to add a cyber risk platform for their SME customers in just days.  This turnkey digital solution offers the following capabilities:

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Innoveo Cyber Ecosystem’s all-in-one application provides SMEs with a comprehensive risk assessment of their Internet domain in just minutes after the completion of a short questionnaire. A detailed report is produced with comprehensive results noting specific risks to be addressed, risk classification, and recommendations on how to reduce cyber risk exposure.

Insurance Marketplace

Innoveo Cyber Ecosystem‘s risk assessment results integrate seamlessly with the insurer to immediately present customized cyber insurance coverages based on the SMEs risk profile. Customers can select the coverage of their choice and purchase their policy in real-time via payment gateways.  Innoveo’s functional models are designed to capture the entire workflow from cyber insurance selection by the customer, to policy quote and bind, renewals, claims processing, and customer service.

For Brokers

Brokers are able to integrate with carriers to offer the same seamless customer experience as insurers,  providing their customers with customized cyber insurance options based on their risk assessment profile. Here, again, Innoveo’s functional models capture the entire workflow from cyber insurance selection by the customer, to policy quote and bind, renewals, claims processing, and customer service.

Cyber Services Marketplace

Insurers and brokers have the option to integrate with a diverse group of service providers if they are interested in expanding their Cyber Marketplace to offer SME’s a direct connection with third party resources offering comprehensive cyber risk protection services in addition to insurance. These may include crisis management, technical support, legal, IT forensics, and public relations, for example.

Customizable and Scalable

Innoveo’s Cyber Ecosystem can be customized and configured to feature diverse risk assessment questionnaires and cyber insurance coverages as insurers and brokers expand their cyber product offerings and integration with third-party cyber service providers.  Built with Innoveo Skye’s no-code platform – Innoveo’s Cyber Ecosystem readily integrates with legacy, third party platforms, and payment gateways.

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