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In today’s competitive environment, companies are looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to provide enhanced customer experiences, meet evolving market demands, and challenging external conditions.  The internal barriers to implement these initiatives are frequently legacy systems and the cost of traditional development. Innoveo’s Accelerator Solutions immediately eliminates those barriers, enabling you to jump-start projects cost-effectively and efficiently, and fast-track customer solutions with enhanced speed-to-market capabilities.

Innoveo expedites your digital initiatives and overcomes the challenges of legacy systems with our suite of out-of-the-box Accelerator Solutions – at a fraction of the cost of traditional development. Each of these accelerator solutions is pre-built and ready to be integrated with existing technology platforms; giving you the flexibility to enter new markets and expand product offerings in just days. Built on Innoveo’s no-code platform, Innoveo Skye®, these Accelerator Solutions are customizable, configurable, and scalable.

Each Accelerator Solution includes the following:

Full end-to-end product journeys

Policy servicing

Customer dashboards

Seamless integration with legacy, third party platforms, and payment gateways

Customizable, configurable, and scalable elements

Compatibility with existing product lines

Ability to test out new markets and/or products

Explore Innoveo’s suite of Accelerator Solutions

SME (Small to medium-sized enterprise) Risk Assessment

The SME market is rapidly expanding and offers tremendous growth potential as SMEs are largely underinsured and lack comprehensive coverage to protect their businesses.

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Innoveo’s Risk Assessment solution is intuitive and fast. SMES will be able to complete the quote to bind process in just minutes.

The solution’s dynamic pricing offers customization and bundling of coverages for four product lines (Storm, Fire, Water and Burglary) within one policy. Company demographics data is auto populated using integration and utilizes Google API integration with a dynamic map. The pricing calculation incorporates the company risk score.

Life Insurance

Easily pivot from manual processes and repetitive phone calls to a digital solution that drives the entire customer experience.

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Innoveo’s digital life insurance journey encompasses the full range of life insurance in an omnichannel environment. Facilitates the ability to quickly scale volume, increasing the number of life insurance policies sold, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

The solution includes Life insurance Term, Group Term, Custom Whole and Universal Life journeys, and policy servicing. Featuring omnichannel capabilities, the products are configured across three distribution channels – Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and Underwriting. Quick Quote (straight through processing) is configured. Various validation and integration points are included – USPS API integration to lookup Address, producer license (NIPR) validation and state specific coverages. The application offers the additional ability to apply seasonal discount offers for different coverages.

Home Insurance

Here is a quick way to add home insurance to your product line. Add this as a stand-alone or bundled with Innoveo’s other customer solutions.

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Featuring omnichannel capabilities, Home Content Insurance is distributed across two channels – B2C and B2B. Premium calculations are driven by Apache POI integration. Discount and Coverage campaigns can be applied, with embedded rating logic.

Motor/Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance distribution across two omni channels, B2B and B2C, for personal and commercial vehicles with multiple package options.

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Expand and offer digital auto insurance solutions to your B2B and B2C customers.

Discount and Coverage campaigns can be applied, and premium is calculated in the platform via Apache POI integration. Referral rules are configured with option for approval by an internal user. API integrated with the DMV to access vehicle information.

Travel Claim

Offering travel insurance but don’t yet have the ability to process claims digitally?  Innoveo’s digital claim solution digitizes the process from claim intake through evaluation.

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The solution includes the Travel Cancellation Claim intake journey, enriched with claim management features such as claim intake status, document upload center, and claim complexity evaluation. Available in English and German languages.

Business Travel/Accident

This is a multi-channel SME platform offering a broker, underwriter, and claim handler channel.

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Companies have the option to dynamically set limits in user management which then automatically adjusts referral rules in the app’s create quote journey. Policy servicing includes endorsement, renewal, and cancellation as well as full Claims intake process including approval and decline. API integration included to automatically look up business information. Premium calculation configured with Apache POI integration.  Audit log is configured for all processes.

Crisis Response Portal

Innoveo’s Crisis Response Portal gives your business the ability to deliver critical resources for your customers, on-demand, and be responsive to customer needs.

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This portal includes the ability to share critical information about personal safety, risk mitigation, and real-time crisis updates. Health agencies and Teladoc site links are provided in one location. Forms, claims, policy review, assistance and premium relief requests are also included in this solution.

360 Agent/Customer Portal

This 360 Agent/Customer portal provides a 360-degree view for Agents, SMEs, and their customers and includes multiple omni channels – B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

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The customer channel includes an insurance vault and a comprehensive overview of the customer’s policies. Email triggers provides incentives based on customer data. Premium is calculated with Apache POI integration.

Insurance Marketplace

The Insurance Marketplace Portal is multilingual and incorporates multiple omni channels including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.

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The portal offers the functionality to include multiple carriers and multiple products that can be sold direct and indirectly. Policy Servicing is included (Endorsement, Renewal, Cancelation) as well as dynamic policy document generation. The payment processing capability is configured within the marketplace. Premium calculations are driven via Apache POI integration.

Multi-Line (Package) Intake

The Submission Intake Portal includes two omni channels with different workflows for agents and U/W.

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Multiple package selection options trigger referral rules with UW approval ability to accept/modify/decline. Dynamic document generation is available for both agents and U/W.

General Liability

Provides the ability to digitize the general liability quote to bind journey and automate state-specific integration for document retrieval.

Trade Credit Insurance

Are your business customers looking for trade credit insurance? Add this application to your commercial line.

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You may also want to bundle this with Innoveo’s Equipment Finance and Single-Shipment Insurance applications.

This solution offers Trade Credit Insurance quoting integrated with Experian API’s to retrieve financial information and then calculate the TC premium with Apache POI integration. Risk assessment levels are included as well to allow for further underwriting rules to be applied and the routing of applications.

Equipment Finance

Many business customers have unique requirements over and above the standard commercial lines. Increase client retention and loyalty by offering what they need.

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You may also want to bundle this with Innoveo’s Trade Credit Insurance and Single-Shipment Insurance applications.

This solution offers an Equipment Finance application. Underwriting decisions are based on inputs (STP). Underwriting rules are based on D&B, PayNet and FICO scores (API integration available). Dynamic document generation is also included.

Single-Shipment Insurance

Many business customers have unique requirements over and above the standard commercial lines.

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Increase client retention and loyalty by offering what they need.  You may also want to bundle this with Innoveo’s Equipment Finance and Trade Credit Insurance applications.

This Single-Shipment Insurance solution automates the quote to bind journey through two omni channels B2B and B2C, that is integrable with backend shipping systems. Underwriting decisions are based on shipment information and premium is automatically calculated via Apache POI integration.

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Innoveo Skye® is a no-code platform for non-technical users to configure and launch applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development.

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